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All students from China require a visa in order to enter Britain. Visas are issued by British Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions on behalf of the United Kingdom Visas and Immigaration (UKVI).

Students under the age of eighteen will usually enter on a Child Student Visa. Older students will obtain a General Student Visa - for which proof of level of English is required. No proof of level of English is required for a Child Student Visa.

Before a student can apply for a visa, their school or college must first issue a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). This CAS is issued online and can be viewed immediately by UKVI officials anywhere in the world. In order to receive a CAS a student must have a confirmed place at the school or college and must have paid the required deposit.

Before issuing a visa, UKVI requires applicants to submit a detailed dossier of information, including proof of the parents' ability to pay the child's school fees and living costs. Academic Asia has expert visa specialists in each office in China who help and assist students and their parents through every step of the application process.

Child Student Visas are usually issued for the duration of the course stated in the CAS - even if the student passes the age of eighteen during that period.

Where a student needs to attend an English course in Britain prior to start of their main course, a visa can be issued to cover both courses as long as the two institutions register an educational partnership with UKVI. This process is straightforward and implies no obligation on the part of the two institutions other than an intention to provide consecutive educational courses for the same student.