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Academic Asia has the privilege of working with a large number of British boarding schools. There are over two hundred and fifty independent boarding schools in UK and Academic Asia works with most of these.

Further, we are convinced that, by maintaining an office in UK, we are able to have a better insight into the specific character and strengths of individual schools. We do not feel that an organisation that is based entirely abroad can have this depth of knowledge.

We believe passionately that it is vital to place every student in a school where they will thrive, prosper and, above all, where they will be happy. This does not necessarily mean placing a student in a school with the highest possible ranking but, rather, it means carefully choosing each school to match each student's strengths, abilities and interests.

Academic Asia is constantly checking on the vacancies at our partner schools. We know that schools become full and that some become full before others. We aim to avoid raising false expectations with students and their parents and wasting schools' time by making applications to schools that have no vacancies. Our UK office is constantly checking on the availability of places at schools and is informing our offices in China accordingly.

Academic Asia also works with a selected number of specialist language schools who are able to provide pre-sessional English courses of the right type and quality - please see our page on English Language.

Academic Asia also maintains a close working relationship with a number of leading Further Education Colleges for those students for whom, by nature of age or personality, a traditional boarding school may not be the best choice. Further Education Colleges receive government subsidies and so their fees can be lower than those at boarding schools. It is fair to say, however, the Further Education Colleges cannot offer the same level of care and supervision as will be found in boarding schools.

Parents are encouraged to contact their nearest Academic Asia office as early as possible in order to ensure that we can offer the best and widest range of suitable schools. When recommending schools to parents we also try to take into full consideration their preferences in such matters as location, religious orientation and gender (there are a number of excellent schools for girls only).

Overseas students normally enter British schools in Years 7, 9, 10 or 12. Please see the table on the page Chinese Education for more details.

Academic Asia is also able to help and advise British schools on the hopes and expectations of Chinese students and their parents and to assist schools in planning and arranging visits to China. Please contact our UK office if you would like to know more. We can also provide information about Chinese schools and about education in China.

Any school or college that is not currently working with Academic Asia but would like to do so is invited to contact us at any time.