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Academic Asia will hold recruitment exhibitions in four major cities in China in October 2020.

Academic Asia will arrange and provide all travel within China and the cost of this is included in the participation fee.

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Major changes in UK visa regulations with effect from July 2018 mean that it is now much easier for Chinese students to obtain UK student visas. Click here for details.



Academic Asia is the largest organisation of its kind in the world specialising exclusively in the placement of Chinese students in British boarding schools and the promotion of British education in China.

We have nine main offices in China (with numerous other subsidiary and partner offices) and a headquarters office in Britain.

Academic Asia aims to provide:

  • detailed and extensive help for Chinese students seeking entry to British boarding schools
  • unique sales and marketing opportunities for British schools in China

Our offices in China are located in Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang, Nanjing and Shanghai.. Our UK office is located in Broadstairs, Kent. Please click here for details of our offices.

Through our network of offices in China we provide prospective students and their parents with detailed information about British education in general and British schools and colleges in particular. We then assist them with applications - during which process our Broadstairs office acts as a convenient link - and we arrange testing and interviews in China for schools as required. Subsequently we help parents through the acceptance procedures and we have specialist staff in China who provide detailed assistance with students' visa applications.

Academic Asia also organises regular educational exhibitions in China at which British schools can meet and recruit able and highly-motivated students from China - click here for details.

We are also able to provide British schools with information and advice on the Chinese market and on education in China.