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Academic Asia organises regular exhibitions in China to help British schools recruit Chinese students.

Our next exhibitions will take place in October 2019 in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Zhuhai - three major cities in south China.

At each exhibition representatives from British schools meet Chinese students and their parents and are able to interview and test suitable candidates on the spot. The exhibitions are run solely and exclusively for British boarding schools and colleges - no other institutions take part. Please click here for details of the participants.

Academic Asia carries out extensive pre-publicity before each exhibition - not only for the exhibitions themselves but also for each individual school taking part. We take some pride in the fact that our exhibitions attract only serious, potential applicants and that we are able to discourage time-wasters.

As part of the exhibition package, Academic Asia provides all transport within mainland China during the exhibitions. We also arrange accommodation, exhibition stands, interpreters and the transportation of prospectuses and display materials between venues. Our aim is to make every exhibition productive but also as trouble-free and comfortable as possible for the participants. We are also able to provide discounted rates on hotel accommodation in Hong Kong if required.

The number of participants at each exhibition is strictly limited and places are allocated on a 'first-come' basis.

Please click here for full details of the exhibitions and for the exhibition Registration Form.





These exhibitions will be based on an intensive three-day schedule with exhibitions in the three major cities in southern China.

Friday 25th October
Meet in Hong Kong
Travel by road to Shenzhen
Travel by road to Guangzhou

Saturday 26th October
Travel by road to Zhuahi

Sunday 27th October
Travel by sea to Hong Kong*


* travel from Zhuhai to Hong Kong after the final exhibition in Zhuhai will be by high-speed ferry: participants will be able to chose to go to Hong Kong iteself or directly to Hong Kong International Airport.