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Any student must have a good level of English in order to enter a British school.

The standard of English reached by students in Chinese schools is surprisingly good - and is improving year on year - but it is generally not quite high enough to enable them to go directly into mainstream education in UK. Typically, a Chinese student may need between 8 weeks and 24 weeks of intensive English in order to be able to cope effectively with life and study in a British school.

An applicant's initial level of English can assessed by means of an English test administered in one of our offices in China (where we have dedicated testing facilities). Many schools have their own tests for this purpose - or there is a battery of Academic Asia tests (in both English and Mathematics) which can be used. External assessments (such as IELTS) are available in China but only in certain cities and at certain times and so may not provide a convenient or effective means of initial assessment.

Pre-sessional English courses for Chinese students can be arranged at one of a number of specialist International Study Centres which run courses specifically designed to prepare overseas students for life and study in British schools. There are also a limited number of specialised summer courses which also provide such courses. Please contact us for details.

While British schools do expect a good level of English from applicants, Chinese students learn quickly and their English level is never an insurmountable problem.


Pre-sessional English courses for overseas students can be arranged at:


Bedford School Study Centre

Bishopstrow College

Etherton Education

Sherborne International College

Taunton School International

.....and elsewhere

Please click the school's name to visit their website or contact us for more information.